Company Profile

СНПЧ А7 Новокузнецк, обзоры принтеров и МФУ

Well market knowledge and international networks to wholesalers with strong growth potential are the basis for our product positioning success.

Our competent marketing team sets up brands successfully.

Professional export-sales organization covers all relevant distribution channels in many countries all over the world and guarantees direct implementation at the POS.

Strategy: The company's vision is to promote and sell to the international markets a range of authentic Greek, Mediterranean products with traditional ingredients.

Philosophy / Intention / Goal: Our philosophy is the creation of excellent and substantial business relationship and confidence with our suppliers and clients, which aims at reciprocal long term profits.

Our Intention is the full apprehension of the client's needs and to meet rapidly and accuratly clients' needs.

Our firm is constantly trying to respond to the new challenges of the market by improving our structure as well as our technology.




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