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Greek oregano is known as the best. It has small, hardy, dark, compact, thick, silvery-haired leaves, usually with purple undersides. It has excellent reputation for flavor and pungency, as well as medicinal uses.

Oregano is one of the plants with the highest content of vitamin C. Its use is internal and external.
Inhalations with oregano help in chest diseases while oregano drinks soothe coughs and tooth pain, help in rheumatism pain, in bowel disorders and abdominal pains, -as an emmenagogue to painful menses or menopause. Oregano tea helps hypertension and atherosclerosis. Oregano is also used for gargles against inflammations and ulcers of the mouth and tonsils. It helps disinfection of wounds. Decoction of oregano in water bath soothes and tones
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